In the first few weeks of 2020. a microscopic disrupted the world's workforce seemingly overnight.

 Office - based workers from around the world discovered a  previously overlooked option: Remote Work.

Digital tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Whats App, to name just a few,  went from useful supplements to becoming the primary facilitators of interactions with coworkers and clients.While these rapid,  wholesale  changes seemed novel,  the remote work format is far from new.  Technology-driven companies pioneered virtual work arrangements 30 years ago. In fact , Independence Realty started offering an exclusive remote work option (a.k.a. home-based) in 1991! This decision was made solely  to save money, eliminate office overhead and offer flexible working conditions (and commissions) for our affiliates.

Cisco launched a systematic remote work program in 1993. Employees worked from home and kept flexible hours by using broadband technology to communicate with the main office from any remote location. Cisco reported saving $193 million in 2003, as well as an increase in employee productivity. 

The remote work revolution was accelerated by the sudden and severe COVID outbreak. Chances are you are part of the massive transition that has forced companies to reconsider the traditional office setup.

Independence Real expanded in the late 1990s and the 2000s when transaction files were primarily paper-based. Soon the ever expanding number of paper files  overwhelmed us. We invested in an industrial-grade Canon production scanner capable of 90 page scans per minute and a heavy duty shredder to turn digitized  paper files into confetti for privacy and security. All independence Realty's transaction records have been converted to digital format since 2004. It was a chore to convert such a large number of files into digital (PDF) format initially. Nowadays,  low-cost multifunction desktop scanners routinely enable agents to scan their documents into pdf and upload them to cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Drop Box  or similar services.
Our decision to adopt a totally remote work format in  1991 was primarily a cost-saving decision on our part. We specifically wanted to avoid falling into the "me-too" office trap.

Our novel approach was met with deep skepticism by Real Estate professionals accustomed to the traditional office work setup. In all fairness the technological tools that existed at the time were not as polished as they are today. Internet speeds were much slower back then (remember dial up internet?) and cloud-based services simply didn't exist in the early 90s. The underlying technology was still nascent and unfamiliar to the "uninitiated". We gained acceptance and recognition when smartphones became pervasive in the early  2000s, at which point people slowly realized that a "physical office" was no longer necessary to conduct business.

As you may have discovered, there is no doubt that remote work has its benefits. Commute time disappear, office costs disappear and the flexibility of working from your own home can be a life-changing experience.

                                                                  - Are you self-disciplined enough to work  remotely ?                                                                                                        -    Are you motivated enough to make a life-changing decision? 

                                                                            - That is a decision only YOU can make.   

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