Remote work has heralded a more flexible work life without commutes and lower expenses.  Getting things done remotely certainly sounds like a no-brainer today, considering all the readily available tech tools we have at our disposal. But what keeps  people tethered to the old work habits?  Is it because it's always been done that way in the past ? Or is it fear of change?

It's been proven  time and again that  successful Real Estate Professionals are not "followers". They are creative and entrepreneurial.  They excel because they are INDEPENDENT-MINDED. They believe in themselves and in their abilities. In fact, such individuals stand out by developing their own "personal brand". They build a reputation by delivering above-average service. The logo appearing on their business card didn't magically propel their name to the top producer list.

Their hard work  and people skills did.

Independence Realty introduced the remote real estate sales model in 1991. Our business was built on  a simple, fundamental principle: 


Now more than ever, Independence Realty's no-nonsense approach to COST-CUTTING remains the cornerstone principle for  Real Estate Professionals  aiming to streamline their work life, pare down costs and grow their income.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, this is your opportunity.   

Take the initiative. Break away from the herd. 

Find out how INDEPENDENCE will benefit you.

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The businesses that thrive over the long haul are likely to be those that understand that cost cutting and revenue growing aren't mutually exclusive.  Eternal vigilance to both the top and bottom lines is the new Ticket to Prosperity.” 

- Howard Schulz, CEO, Starbucks, Inc.