( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q: Do you charge Office Fees or Franchise  fees?

A: NO. We are an INDEPENDENT Network of Realtors. All Agents work remotely.  We do not charge  Office Fees. 

Q: Will I be required to use an in-house lender, title and/or escrow company?  A: NO. You can choose your own services.

Q: What's Independence Realty's Per-Transaction Fee?

 A: 5% of the gross commission. Example: on a $15,000 commission, you'd keep $14,250.

Q: How soon will I get paid?

A: You'll get paid directly by escrow, upon close of  escrow. 

 Q: How can I join Independence Realty?  A: CLICK HERE or Go to www.dre.ca.gov click on the "E-Licensing" link,  follow the DRE's instructions. Enter Broker#01032719 when prompted. This process  takes a couple of minutes to complete. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need assistance or if you have any questions.

 Q: Is Broker Support readily available for Independence Realty Agents? 

A: Yes: (619)980-7325 OR ind595@gmail.com