Our business model promotes the elimination of bricks and mortar facilities as a sensible cost-saving measure , giving our affiliates an unparalleled degree of flexibility in conducting their day-to-day business activities and in negotiating the best possible outcomes for their clients. 

We realize some agents may prefer to work out of a physical office location. As an Independence Realty Agent, you'll have the ability to open your office. In order to comply with B.R.E. rules, you'll need to obtain a no-cost Branch Office License.

Having your own individual Branch Office can enhance your visibility and credibility in your community. Ultimately, it brings you phenomenal potential as a business-building tool .

If you are an independent-minded individual and you have the desire and motivation to develop and grow your personal brand, Independence Realty is the right place for you.

Please email us at OR CALL (619)980-7325 if you have any questions!

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